Monday, January 12, 2009

Noir Blanc Interiors Views On 2009

Photo Credit BHG

If you are like the rest of America, your extra money is not what it used to be. Your priorities of whether you need Botox, a down cushioned sofa, or a new car are all intertwined now.
The rapid change in our economy is effecting the way we feel about our surroundings. Our homes are where we nest. With the excitement of design comes change. And the most exciting element of design this year is color, simplicity, green of course, and vintage, auctioned, or antiqued anything. When you loose the passion for one thing in life, one usually transforms it into another form, states President Barbara Segal of Noir Blanc Interiors. "Lipstick sales have always risen in the time of recession, expect to see more raspberry in the home, pink, and reds. Yellow is the sunny disposition of the economy, which will appear in towels, fabrics and paint colors. Collections will be back popular again, as it reminds us of our past lives and what we once had." In 2009 you will see collections of sea shells, shaving brushes, tin sand buckets, wine openers, perfume bottles, dolls, small antique cars, antique jars, antique toys, art, posters, etc. in the home. Think pot luck dinners with friends in cozy kitchens and more house guests as money tightens few will have the luxury of hotel stays in 2009 budgets.
Cottage is chic and less is more, bungalows are popular think hippie style, two bedroom and two bath anything is the adult profession room mate trend, meaning more functional space design and function per sqare foot. At Noir Blanc Interiors respecting the architecture in historical preservation is the driving force in our love and passion of design. In 2009, what ever is someone else's old is your new. Think of packing a picnic on the weekends, piling in a friend and heading to flea markets, auctions, garage sales and estate sales this year. Life is always changing and so is design.