Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bedroom Space

Our consumer driven, worldly, and increasingly wealthy society has resulted in our having many more personal possessions. This has had an effect in the bedroom, which has traditionally been small in terms of space allocation except in the mansions and larger town houses of yesteryear. Today’s households tend to hoard clothes, until such time as space limitations dictate we take our outdated fashion to the charity shop.

Bedrooms, especially in vintage gray stones, historical landmark homes and high rises which abound in Boston, Miami, Chicago, New York and San Francisco are invariably the most likely place to find low beams, sloping floors and bulging or uneven walls. By adding free standing wardrobes, chests of drawers and tallboys we are making way for the more space efficient fitted wardrobes and drawer units.

Although the bedroom is where you also hope to get some sleep the issue which is most likely to keep you awake at the planning stage is: how do I maximize storage space?

Barbara Segal is an expert in solving this problem. She's had years of experience dealing with awkward spaces; but unlike many other people she has an eye for the aesthetics as well as the practicalities. Since the whole aim of the bedroom is to provide the right environment for sound, refreshing sleep, the way it looks and the way it is fitted out are both important. Creaking floor boards and traffic or other external sounds may ruin a good night's rest. So attention to the curtaining, bed linens, pillows, paint colors, and carpeting all come under her scrutiny while working with Noir Blanc Interiors.